Project Statistics

Commission Date:Dec 18 2008
Electric Utility Provider:Delmarva Power
System Size:3,200.00 kWDC
Annual kWh Production:4,226.00 kWh
Annual C02 Gas Avoided6521.70 lbs.


PV GE 3,200 ; 200

Utilizing as much available space was a key goal for this Bethany Beach homeowner.  With 4,800 DC Watts of solar power, this system will generate a handsome 384 kilowatt hours of power on average per month.  But, the savings did not stop there.  With plenty of room and generous sun beating on the south facing roof, the owner decided to optimize energy savings with a solar hot water system.  With its capacity to generate hot water efficiently from the sun, this system will reduce hot water energy expenses by anywhere from 65 - 80%.  As energy prices climb, the sunrises will be extra special for this beach homeowner.