Project Statistics

Commission Date:Dec 31 1969
Electric Utility Provider:Delmarva Power
System Size:
Annual kWh Production:7,084.00 kWh
Annual C02 Gas Avoided10932.30 lbs.


PV GE 4,800

This homeowner wanted clean electric power within their budget, so we hit the design lab to get it.  This 4,800 Watt solar power system will give them an average of 590 kilowatt hours per month for decades!  Energy prices could soar and that will only make their system more valuable.  With plenty of beach sunshine and a nice south facing roofline, this home owner can take comfort knowing that while they are curling their toes in the sand their Flexera Renewable Energy System is working hard to power their home.  Life is a beach when you have a solar system on your rooftop.