Project Statistics

Commission Date:Mar 18 2008
Electric Utility Provider:Lewes Board of Public Works
System Size:5,112.00 kWDC
Annual kWh Production:7,500.00 kWh
Annual C02 Gas Avoided11574.30 lbs.


PV Sharp 5,112

Located in a bayside community with direct south facing rooflines, this ranch home has been retro-fitted with 5,112 Watts of photovoltaic solar collectors. These modules are tied to the power grid through an inverter. With the good south facing position and roof pitch, the system is providing an average of 650 KWH per month for the homeowner. Systems like this were considered expensive in the past, but Delaware state grants, federal tax credits, and renewable energy credits are making it very cost effective to own a system like this. With energy costs rising, the return on investment will be even greater.