Project Statistics

Commission Date:Jan 26 2009
Electric Utility Provider:Delaware Electric Co-op
System Size:4,000.00 kWDC
Annual kWh Production:4,573.00 kWh
Annual C02 Gas Avoided7057.20 lbs.


PV Sanyo 4,000

This homeowner decided they had enough with high energy bills and called Flexera for help.  After analyzing their home energy use, we came up with a system that would take a large bite out of their energy bill, but not their wallet.

Utilizing the southern-most facing roof of the house we were able to fit a 3,000 Watt system, which will produce approximately 375 kilowatt hours per month. 

Their energy savings combined with the state grant, federal tax credit, and the revenue generated from solar renewable energy certificates is going to give them a great return on their investment.