Project Statistics

Commission Date:Oct 10 2010
Electric Utility Provider:Delaware Electric Co-op
System Size:12,600.00 kWDC
Annual kWh Production:16,150.00 kWh
Annual C02 Gas Avoided24923.40 lbs.


PV GE 12,600 ; 210

This beautiful Dagsboro, Delaware Golf Community decided it was time to take even greater steps in reducing their power bills.  Their goal was to reduce electricity costs and protect themselves from skyrocketing rate increases.  After researching and installing solar for their Pool House, Flexera assessed the golf cart barn and conducted a detailed analysis of their energy use and potential to offset costs with solar power. The golf cart barn was a great candidate for a solar application. By doing so, they would stabilize their energy expenditures for the future.
With the amount of energy they will produce and the income from Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) this golf course will enjoy a very quick return on investment.  Charging golf carts is a large operating cost and this solar application will give them the power they need to cut those costs.  Add to that the state and federal cash rebates Flexera was able to process and secure for them, this is a very good investment.
The system is comprised of 84 GE Motech black framed panels (made in Delaware) designed and installed by Flexera's full time team of solar technicians.  Not only is the system going to save money, it is going to reduce their reliance on expensive, dirty fossil based power sources.  In addition, this system uses Delaware made components and Delaware labor.
Congratulations Cripple Creek for your leadership!