Project Statistics

Commission Date:Jun 30 2008
Electric Utility Provider:Delmarva Power
System Size:12,442.00 kWDC
Annual kWh Production:19,398.00 kWh
Annual C02 Gas Avoided29935.80 lbs.


PV Sharp 7,242; PV Sharp 5,200; SHW


"My home is 100% electric and I now have a bank note and not an electric bill. Power companies can raise rates, but home equity fixed rates can't be, and the interest is tax deductible on monies I would have to spend anyway. I also consider my solar system to be a retirement tool as well. Meaning, when I am on a fixed income, I will not have that income drained by the increasing costs of energy. I selected Flexera after emailing every participating contractor on DENREC's website. I just wanted to know how much the equipment and installation was going to cost without the additional sales pressure of someone demanding to come to my home to give me an answer. Now, I had done my homework and already knew the answer, but I wanted a truthful, pressure free response. And that's what I got from Flexera. The installation was quick and efficient and full of high quality craftsmanship. They even went the extra mile of reinforcing my roof to support the additional weight of my hot water solar panels at no charge to me. I did experience two minor problems with the system shortly after it was commissioned. Flexera repaired the problem within an hour and a half of my phone call. If only my local heating and AC guy would respond that fast. In today's energy market place you can't go wrong going solar. And, in Delaware I found it to be an extra plus choosing Flexera. They are a great company and a real pleasure to do business with."

This project blends both solar photovoltaic and solar hot water technologies. The homeowner can expect to have a monthly average of 840 KWH per month of electricity generation and reduce his water heating energy by 40%.